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Provide earlier intervention strategies for the prevention of disease progression

InBody devices provide a quick, easy, non-invasive, and precise method for assessing health risks and the effects of interventions. In less than 60 seconds, the InBody Test can be used to:

  • Monitor changes in body composition to improve patient outcomes and quality of life

  • Assess cellular integrity to evaluate malnutrition risk

  • Identify fluid imbalances and risk of lymphedema for earlier intervention

Track effect of immunotherapies by monitoring cell health

Cancer and cancer treatments cause damage to cells, compromising immune function and reducing cellular integrity. By tracking phase angle, oncologists can monitor the cellular health of patients for earlier detection of symptoms/disease progression. 

Phase angle, a measure of how the cells respond to the electrical currents used to measure body composition, reflects cell membrane integrity and has been linked to survival in various oncological populations, as shown in Hui, D. et al., 2017 for patients with advanced cancer (p=0.048). When cells are healthy, they can better resist these currents utilized by the InBody, resulting in a higher phase angle. Because cancer and various treatment modalities cause damage to the cells before the loss of muscle and fat mass, this decrease in phase angle can be linked to cancer-cachexia-related malnutrition and other medical risks/conditions. By monitoring segmental and whole-body phase angles, oncologists can pinpoint the risk of specific comorbidities, track the effects of immunotherapies more precisely, and provide earlier intervention strategies to prevent disease progression. Hui et al. (2017), declared InBody as an “objective, the non-invasive and relatively inexpensive prognostic tool may be useful to support clinical decision making.” 


Are you wondering if a professional InBody device is right for you? We partner you with an InBody specialist that understands your industry and unique needs.

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