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A wellness program requires thorough planning and can have a wide range of costs, depending on the services provided to employees. InBody provides a convenient and affordable alternative to outsourcing services for assessing employee health and wellness. With InBody as a screening tool, employees will get a detailed report on their health, allowing them to develop a better understanding of potential risk factors. With this awareness, employees can then be advised to make changes to improve their health. In turn, this can improve efficiency and the overall work environment and reduce healthcare costs for the company as well as absenteeism due to health-related time off, increasing company productivity and revenue.

In less than 60 seconds, the InBody Test provides easy-to-understand, accurate and objective measurements to evaluate changes in body composition. The InBody can be used to:

  • Screen and educate employees about health

  • Receive a comprehensive assessment of body composition to better evaluate employees’ health status

  • Set the foundation for designing an individualized and effective action plan for each employee

  • Provide a convenient, accessible method to allow employees to track changes throughout their wellness program.

Maintaining weight while increasing muscle and decreasing fat

Monitoring a client’s muscle and fat balance allows trainers to identify imbalances between the two compartments and focus their attention on setting more appropriate training goals and create more effective plans for reducing health risks. With the use of Segmental Lean Analysis, trainers will be able to identify areas for training that will maximize progress. This equips trainers with the tools to understand starting points, target areas in need of improvement, set attainable and specific goals and optimize success and health improvements.


Decrease visceral fat and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases


Determining client health risk can be tricky when encountering clients with high amounts of skeletal muscle mass. While the balance between the muscle and fat compartment heavily favors skeletal muscle, this client is still at elevated risk for developing health conditions due to their high overall weight– partially driven by above-normal body fat mass. While relatively young and fit, this client might believe themselves to be healthy; however, long-term, this trend will increase the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even certain cancers.

As trainers encounter these types of clients, a complete body composition breakdown can guide what kind of exercise modality might fit best to improve the client’s overall body composition. While this client has adequate lean mass, incorporation of more aerobic exercise can help decrease overall weight, body fat mass, and visceral fat, which is approaching a level associated with higher risk of certain metabolic diseases. Combining aerobic and resistance exercise can assist with reduction of both overall and visceral fat while promoting muscle maintenance or growth. Both of these types of changes will improve disease risk in the short term, while also supporting long-term health for the client.


With the use of the InBody results sheet, trainers can better educate clients on the importance of different training protocols and how body composition is an important key to understanding overall health and wellness. Client’s who have a predominantly resistance based workout might still be at risk for health disease. Use of body composition can allow trainers to educate clients and show them the value of training programs aimed at overall health and wellness.

Are you wondering if a professional InBody device is right for you? We partner you with an InBody specialist that understands your industry and unique needs.

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