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Develop effective dialysis treatment options

InBody devices take the guesswork out of dialysis treatments to help identify the most effective treatment options for the patient and obtain the ideal goal weight. In 60 seconds, professionals can use the InBody to:

  • Obtain objective fluid measures to guide goal weight management

  • Assess muscle and fat mass to make nutritional changes

  • Evaluate segmental fluid imbalances to identify circulation issues

Increase success of dialysis treatment and long-term outcomes

Doctors rely on indirect measures of fluid retention to determine how much fluid to remove or when to stop dialysis treatments, often leading to intradialytic complications. Direct fluid measures increase the precision with dialysis treatments and the establishment of goal weight for patients.

By understanding changes in body composition and the accumulation of fluids during the intradialytic period, physicians can determine how much water to remove and achieve an appropriate goal weight. Setting goal weights based on objective measures of body composition and fluid levels, physicians can avoid intradialytic complications such as hypo- or hypertensive episodes, increasing the success of dialysis treatments. Relieving these symptoms in patients leads to better long-term outcomes and attendance of appointments.


Are you wondering if a professional InBody device is right for you? We partner you with an InBody specialist that understands your industry and unique needs.

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